Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Maggie!

Time has absolutely flown by! We have been swamped with traveling and preparing for Maggie's little brother Samuel Baker to make his debut the first week of June. But one of the things I was very excited about was planning Maggie's 3rd birthday party. I tend to delay my planning until too late, but this time I planned in advance and it paid off for sure. This was the first year I was able to ask her what she wanted for her birthday party. I pushed the subject of a bounce house and she jumped on it (pun intended...hah) immediately. But as for the rest I asked her what she would like. "What kind of cake would you like Mags?" Maggie replied, "Um yellow cake with chocolate icing and a Minnie Mouse on it." Easy enough right. "What kind of ice cream would you like for your party?" "Strawberry ice cream."  And that was it. I about fell out of my chair. This little person actually told me what she wanted. I did not have to guess or just make the decision myself only to hear a tantrum later that it was not what she wanted. She just told me. We had so much fun at her party. A whole bunch of her friends and family came to celebrate with us. Good times were had by all. As for taking pictures of the fun decor and cake I totally blanked. This part is not my strong suit. But we did snap a few of her having fun. She was all over the place and soaking up the birthday love.

She received a scooter with flowery helmet of course and soccer goals. I had to even out the basketball heat that the Cole side gives her right?

 The princess bounce house


We ended the party with just us opening presents and Momma laying on the couch. Much needed!

So Happy Birthday to our sweet little one! You were the best surprise we could have ever imagined. 

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  1. I cannot believe she is 3 years old. Happy Birthday, sweet Mags!!